The Pseudomorph-Scale (PMS)

We are currently developing the “Pseudomorph Scale”, a 30 item self-report scale to identify bias in worldviews/reality constructs of individuals, teams and organizations.

It identifies gaps and contradictions in decision making and problem solving activities and enables decision makers to lead their organizations to “high-performance”. 

The instrument is currently in “beta” mode and free until we have have enough data to check validity and reliability. 

If you are interested in collaboration, please drop us a note, or sign up for our newsletter to become a beta-tester. 

If you are just curious and would like to find out your consciousness level right now, take the test for free.





Decision-making in forcefields

The illustration below shows the forcefield of decision making. Best decisions are made when we are in the center state. The worst decisions are made when we are off center, or experience one-sided tension. The center state of consciousness is when all forces pull or push the same (vector equilibrium). When you are faced with a decision, simply ask yourself the following questions to identify one-sided tensions that cause bias. 

  1. Must or may I make the decision?
  2. Am I willing or able to make the decision?
  3. Am I currently present or absent (in the future or the past with my emotions or thoughts)? 
  4. Am I willing to learn something new?

If your answer is “yes”, to all the questions above, you are centered and present. This means, that you are at liberty and safety to make your decision in any direction you want to. 

If you experience one-sided tension, you can assume that you do not have all relevant information necessary to make the “best” decision.