Pseudomorph, a quantum tomographical model of the human consciousness connectome

Pseudomorph, the 12-dimensional human consciousness connectome is an F-theoretical cognitive map over the three canonical ensembles to model "general intelligence" or "core wisdom". Core wisdom is defined as the pure fiducial states measured as symmetric informationally complete positive operator valued measurements (SIC-POVM's). This quantum tomographical approach over the 120 icosians relates to the 117 SIC-POVMs of identities with "0" Eigenvalue allows for direct and indirect measurement of consciousness states and error correction similar to the Golay code in cryptographic optimization processes to minimize noise. Framed differently, it can be described as a psychosocial skin for the Potts model. Pseudomorph is a supertautological hermeneutic for self-directed neuroplasticity and attempts to reconcile natural and social sciences by defining a natural language skin that integrates formal and abstract languages. It maps the three networks MDN (anoetic), SN (noetic), CEN (autonoetic) to the measurement device (noetic superfield).

Performance and Pathology can be explained with the interaction between the "dihedral effect" of nature and the polyhedral human identity. The Pseudomorph model provides an exact solution for the optimal coordinate system for best decision making. This challenges the current biochemical model of "mental illness" and reduces abnormal behavior to local and non local identity errors, adaptation errors in configuration and fault tolerance errors in modulation spaces.

The proposed model illustrates the learning, growth and transformation process from information to energy and matter through ontic states and epistemic trajectories on augmented evolutionary topologies (triply periodic minimal surfaces). The beauty of the model lies in the information architecture of the reality construct, or the reality hologram, including the human identity in a participatory universe.

By labelling the vertices and connecting the trajectories of the reality construct similar to Buckminster Fuller's "geometry of thought", it is possible to identify errors as deviance from ideal concept development. This is not only crucial for self-organization, self-learning and self-actualization processes, but also in psychotherapeutic diagnosis and treatment, leadership training and cultural assessment in organizations.


Sustainable Happiness, Kochen-Specker Theorem, Potts model, Psychometry, Quantum tomography, SIC-POVM's, Icosians, Amplituhedron, General Intelligence, Performance, Psychopathology, E8 Theory of Everything,


Fuchs, R. (2020). Pseudomorph: A quantum tomographical model of the human consciousness connectome. Abstracts of the Science of Consciousness Conference, Tucson, AZ.