Module 5: Spiritual Orientation (Measurement device)

In this conceptual framework, the brain is seen as an integrator and interpreter of signals from the body, mind, and soul, each with its distinct attributes and measurements:

  1. Intuitive Body as Graceful Physical Identity (Grace: Getting What We Don’t Deserve):
    • Measuring Freedom: The intuitive body, as a graceful physical identity, provides signals of freedom. This refers to the physical sensations and capabilities that allow for movement and expression. The brain interprets these signals as a sense of physical autonomy and liberty, which are received without being explicitly earned.
    • Measuring Safety: The body also sends signals related to safety, such as instinctive reactions to danger and the maintenance of homeostasis. The brain processes these as a feeling of security and protection in the physical world, again as a form of grace.
    • Measuring Certainty: The physical body offers a sense of certainty through consistent physiological signals, like the steady rhythm of the heartbeat or the regularity of breathing. These signals, interpreted by the brain, provide a stable foundation for our physical existence, granted to us without our direct effort.
  2. Cognitive Mind as Merciful Mental Personality (Mercy: Not Getting What We Deserve):
    • Measuring Truth: The cognitive mind generates signals related to the understanding and processing of truth. The brain interprets these signals, allowing us to comprehend and assimilate information, and mercifully overlooks cognitive errors to continuously pursue a deeper understanding of reality.
    • Measuring Beauty: Signals from the cognitive mind also encompass the perception of beauty. The brain interprets these signals, allowing us to appreciate and create beauty in thoughts, experiences, and the environment, in a manner that transcends mere logical processing.
    • Measuring Harmony: Harmony is another aspect measured by the cognitive mind. The brain interprets these signals to balance and integrate different thoughts, resolve conflicts, and foster coexistence and unity in our mental processes.
  3. Emotional Soul as Just Emotional Character (Justice: Getting What We Deserve):
    • Measuring Love: The emotional soul sends signals related to love. The brain processes these signals, allowing us to experience and express love as an emotional response that aligns with our actions and interactions, reflecting the justice principle of receiving in accordance with what we give emotionally.
    • Measuring Peace: The soul also measures peace, with the brain interpreting these signals as a sense of tranquility and calm that comes from living in harmony with our emotional values and ethical beliefs.
    • Measuring Happiness: Finally, the soul sends signals of happiness. The brain interprets these as an emotional state of joy and contentment, which is achieved when our emotions are in balance with just and ethical actions.

In this model, each aspect of our being – the intuitive body, cognitive mind, and emotional soul – is linked to specific measurements that the brain interprets, guiding our understanding and experience of freedom, safety, certainty, truth, beauty, harmony, love, peace, and happiness.