Human nature and the Quantum Logic of Common Sense

Have you ever asked yourself: “Who am I – really”? What makes me human?
What is the real ME, my true identity? Do you know? Sure? How do you know?

This website is an attempt to shed some light on the “true human nature”, and that “common sense” called consciousness that connects us all with each other. Consciousness is central to our performance, our identity, personality, and character, as well as to answer many other questions about the “human experience, or what it means to be human” as we develop in life.

The anatomy of a problem:

We think, we are all different, but in reality we are all the same, just not all of us at the same time in spacetime.

To tackle this problem we did ethnographic research on “knowledge worker” activities and discovered the sweet-spot of consciousness research: “the edge between genius and crazy”.

We also found that there are only two abstract operations we perform all day long (mostly unconscious), but know the least about in practice: 

  1. Decision making, which ideally leads to 
  2. Problem solving

Decision making and sustainability are directly related. The more information we have about a problem, the better our decisions. The better our decisions, the more sustainable are our solutions. 

How can we make better decisions?

The human nature comes equipped with 4 superpowers that help us in decision making and problem solving processes. This website illustrates how we can utilize these superpowers through quantum tomographical measurements.