Pseudomorph presentation at the Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson, AZ.

We just finished the development of our high-performance learning framework “Pseudomorph”, and I am excited to present our findings at the Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson (

It will be a lot of fun to discuss our research on consciousness and performance with great scientists like Harald Atmannspacher, Noam Chomsky, Stuart Hameroff, Deepak Chopra or the Nobel Laureate Edvard Moser. His “grid-cells” play an important role in our framework.

I am particularly curious about talks with the Google Quantum AI team, to check if our model can be used to build artificial consciousness or a “moral processor” for AI. That would be a huge step forward.

Pseudomorph: The human consciousness connectome is a framework for self-directed neuroplasticity (self-optimization in learning, growth and transformation), and claims to significantly increase information processing capabilities through quantum logical configurations of the mind.

We will publish the model, method and tools, together with instructional videos after the conference for personal use under